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NeuroDirect was made for neurodivergent people and people that suspect they may be neurodivergent. There is a vast array of high quality clinicians in the UK working with Neurodiversity, and we want to help you find them. This is crucial, as for any intervention to work you need to find the right clinician for you at the right time.

NeuroDirect was founded and created by UK based HCPC registered Clinical Psychologists that specialise in the field of neurodiversity. Neurodivergent and neurotypical professionals, alongside potential directory users have helped to shape the development and planning of NeuroDirect.


The why behind NeuroDirect came from the stories of people wanting help. The story of how hard it is to find a credible professional that specialises in neurodiversity. The story of how wait-lists are too long. The story of how neurodivergent people get turned away from services simply because of their diagnosis. This is not acceptable, and NeuroDirect wants to help change the narrative. 

The why is ultimately about increasing choice and connection.

Reasons to use NeuroDirect

  • Access to the only UK-wide database of verified professionals that specialise in Neurodiversity.
  • A multidisciplinary database, with a range of professionals that you’d unlikely find on a standard directory site. Multidisciplinary working is consistently recommended in the National Institute of Clinical Excellence guidelines (NICE).
  • All professionals are individually verified by a team member within NeuroDirect. Thorough checks are conducted to ensure the professional is registered with their professional body and/or have the relevant qualifications/training. 
  • Professionals sign an agreement to commit to a neuro-affirmative practice. 
  • A database of professionals for mental health AND neurodiversity.
  • Advanced search criteria options to help you narrow down the right professional for you. 
  • All of the information you need within the professionals online profile, to ensure you make an informed decision.

Get in touch

NeuroDirect understands that this directory needs to continue to evolve and avoid being static. That’s why we welcome your views. Whether it is a suggestion about the site in general, a question about how to use it, or something you feel should be added to a professional bio, we’d love to connect.