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What does it mean to be verified by NeuroDirect?

When you see a NeuroDirect badge displayed it means we have verified information a clinician has provided about the professional body that regulates their practice. A professional body seeks to maintain a standard of proficiency and conduct for the role it regulates. Any clinician registering with NeuroDirect are obliged to provide us with evidence of professional body membership prior to advertising, and to let us know if it should be compromised in any way. Only once we have verified their credibility, are their details added to the directory.

While this is our policy for allowing individuals and practices onto the website, it’s your responsibility to confirm that these details are still accurate before your first session as we do not actively monitor any changes.

Examples of professional body membership

The examples detailed here are not exhaustive.

Protected titles

The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) is a statutory regulator for certain
professional titles protected by law including but not limited to:

  • Occupational therapist – Art psychotherapist, art therapist, drama therapist, music therapist.
  • Practitioner psychologist – Practitioner psychologist, clinical psychologist, counselling psychologist, health psychologist.
  • Speech and language therapist – Speech and language therapist, speech therapist.

What if there is no legal requirement for professional body membership?

In some cases, it isn’t a legal requirement for a clinician to be registered with a professional body, however knowing that your therapist has met specific criteria, is bound by a code of ethics and is accountable to the organisation’s complaints procedure can be very reassuring.

In example, counsellors/psychotherapists are not legally required to be registered with a professional body. While this is the case, we do ask that clinicians do have professional body membership. Professional body membership can be divided into multiple categories, with different levels of training and experience required for eachone. At NeuroDirect we only recognise practitioner-level membership – meaning the counsellor is considered suitably qualified by their professional body to practice therapy.